Plastic parts
Plastic parts  

Plastic parts


Process Capabilities

  • Injection molding presses
  • Presses range in size from 55 thru 500 tons
  • Environmentally controlled molding facility with 24 hour operation
  • Shot sizes up to 76 ounces of plastic
  • Mold design /build is in same facility for best customer service of part and tool changes
  • Cavitation from one to 96 cavities per mold
  • Process hot /insulated runner, stack, unscrewing, insert, and cam /hydraulic core pull molds


Materials Molded

  • Commercial grades of polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, polystyrene, and ABS
  • Engineering resins including polycarbonate, polyester, urethane, PVC, acrylic, acetal, PPO, PBT, and TPR
  • Glass, mineral, foam and Teflon filled materials
  • High temperature (oil-cooled) molding resins
  • Protein and starch based thermoplastic resins
  • All colors are available


Value Added Secondary Operations

  • Hot stamping, painting and silk screening
  • Sonic welding and adhesive bonding
  • Drilling, tapping and secondary CNC machining
  • Assembly of molded /stamped parts to a finished product
  • Special packaging for commercial or retail


Customers & Industries Served

  • Serving small businesses and fortune 500 companies in China and around the world
  • Products for industrial and home controls, communication, agriculture, consumer products, health care, transportation, commercial equipment and many other industries
  • Providing quality service to surpass our customers needs in a value-minded manner is our primary mission